• FDAQRC Acquires VAI Consulting Services

    Validation Associates, Inc. (VAI) is pleased to announce that FDA Quality and Regulatory Consultants, LLC (FDAQRC) has acquired VAI’s computer system validation (CSV) project consulting and auditing services.

    FDAQRC provides collaborative scientific and technical expertise in quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and compliance to its pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech clients. The company was founded by Chris Rush in 2009.

    “FDAQRC is proud to partner with VAI to continue to serve our clients in the CSV space,” said Chris Rush, President of FDAQRC. “FDAQRC’s core values are consistent with those at VAI and we look forward to working with Nancy Tucker and her team at VAI.” FDAQRC’s press release is available at https://fdaqrc.com/fdaqrc-acquires-validation-associates-inc/

    The acquisition was completed on 31 July 2018, and both companies are working together to ensure a smooth transition. Inquires can be directed to:

    Chris Rush, FDAQRC President: chris@fdaqrc.com or by telephone at +1 866.400.8996 ext 700

    Nancy Tucker, VAI President: nancy.tucker@validassoc.com or +1 215.354.1720 ext 202