Is there a difference between a liquid fabric softener and those Dryer Sheets? Can I use one only and still get best results?

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Fabric softener and dryer sheets soften clothes and reduce static cling in the washing and drying cycle. Fabric softener works in the washing machine.

Dryer Sheets Are TERRIBLE For Your Clothes! | Dryer Sheet Alternative Heard warnings about the downsides of using fabric softeners and dryer sheets? It’s time to sort out the facts from the myths.

Fabric softener is a product used to prevent static cling in laundry and to make it softer. Fabric softener is a liquid that is added to the final…

28/02/2008  · Best Answer: I use the liquid, although they are both good. However, the fabric sheets, if used in excess can put a filmy coating on the inside of your dryer.

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Fabric Softener Vs Dryer Sheets

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